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/uploads/110454/OACImages/OAC_Home_planesmall1.png Welcome to the Oroville Air Corps.
The OAC was established in the 1970's by Radio Control enthusiast for the purpose of Fun, Flying, and Fellowship.  With these goals in mind the OAC has grown to a secure club of over 80 members strong.
We maintain a flying site on the Oroville Afterbay.  Owned by the Department of Water Resources, and leased to the club.  We maintain a close relationship with DWR and work with them to maintain and improve our site.
Our facilities include a 32 x 400' paved runway, a seaplane site, a 16' x 140' artificial grass runway, stadium carpet on the pit areas, assembly tables, fenced pilot stations, chainlink spectator fence,  starting tables, picnic pavillion, shaded area, club house with solar charging station for flight batteries, and permanent restrooms, soon our chase boat will be back on site.  Our runway and seaplane site are located back to back which allows us to fly from both sites at the same time.
This runway is positioned on the northeast edge of the runway from the center (crosswind) runway towards the access road.  We know it is small but we hope to expand it in the future.
Helicopter and Airplanes both share the runways.
 We host AMA sanctioned events during the year as well as some non sanctioned fun flys and swap meets.  Check the events tab for information on events allready planned for this year.
The OAC store is now open with appearal and coffee mugs for sale
Most recent Google Earth photo of OAC Air Field.
Most recent Google Earth photo of OAC Air Field.

Scale Planes Of All Sizes

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Large Scale Aerobatics. We Have Them Too!

Helicopters On Patrol

Float Flying On a Perfect Day In Northern California